Coming back to life

Published on 17-01-2017 , by Anita Moorjani
Over the following days, I was slowly able to tell my family what had happened in the other realm, and I also described a lot of things that had taken place while I was in a coma. 
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How to Work with the energies of the Moon

Published on 15-12-2016 , by Fernanda Beccaglia

Sleep Outside So Homeless Youth Don't Have To

Published on 23-11-2016 , by Melanie Vangopoulos
On Thursday, November 17th, in 18 cities across the United States and Canada, over 1,100 executives and leaders slept on the street...
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Lifting Up the Soul of America

Published on 04-11-2016
The Source of Synergy Foundation, Communities of Peace and America Meditating Radio Show are hosting Synergy Circle Meditations at significant sites...
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Reprogramming our mind

Since 95 percent of our behavior is controlled by our subconscious autopilots, not our conscious minds, by definition our lives are physical printouts of...
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Did we cause global warming?

Published on 11-10-2016 , by Gregg Braden
The politics of recent years has been on a direct collision course with scientific interpretation and public opinion on the issue of whether or not global warming and the rise in certain greenhouse gases are actually connected.
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