Christos Raptis
Chief Editor

Christos Raptis was born and raised in Athens. Since he was a child, he liked to assume leadership roles. He was not worried about responsibilities and wanted to be the center of attention. Ηe felt that he could do anything and only the sky was his limit. He had many friends, and was popular at school although he was the centre of any commotion. Having faith in himself he managed to go to the university in the department of communication and media, against the predictions of others. After his degree he was certified on "Corporate Crisis Management" via a university program.

Following that, he was given the opportunity to start a job as a journalist in a political newspaper. For six months he was working from morning to… next morning without pay. However, his persistence and performance increased his earnings very soon. His name began to be known and the first transcription to a very large media group with newspapers, magazines and a television station was an event. Christos undertook all the difficult and demanding reportages. Many of his interviews were republished by almost all of the country's media. But, at some stage, his restless spirit needed a new challenge. So, he found himself on one of the most popular morning shows of Greek television. 

Ten years after his career as a journalist, he accepted the proposal to take over as director of communication in a listed company. The responsibilities that he had shouldered were many, but he never forgot the society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs that substantially helped support groups from institutions of abused children, to athletes and the protection of the environment were successfully implemented. At the same time, Christos took advantage of the network of acquaintances that he had, helping many professionals and public figures to come in touch with each other for collaboration and healthy development. In recognition of his successful communications career, he was included in the annual publication “Greek personalities 2011”.

He had reached the pinnacle, but felt that something bigger in order was out there waiting for him. Thus he participated in the co-creation of Link∞Media and the trip to the power of knowledge and truth had just begun.

Christos feels that his home is Mother Earth, but he has a special psychic bond with Parnassus, the mountain of Delphi, which he visits at every opportunity. For Christos, hunger is an inconceivable phenomenon for the 21st century that must be addressed immediately and a world without pain, where all living beings coexist harmoniously, is not a utopia.