Dr. Brian Clement

Dr. Brian Clement has spent more than three decades researching and practicing nutrition and progressive health care. He has received graduate degrees in both naturopathic medicine and nutritional sciences. Since 1980, together with his wife Dr. Anna Maria Clement, they have continued the work of Ann Wigmore and guided the Hippocrates Health Institute into a new era that has created an expansive international acceptance of its renowned program that has helped hundreds of thousands of people to heal themselves from any kind of so called terminal diseases.

In his role as an educator, Dr. Clement has conducted countless seminars, lectures, and educational programs, travelling extensively to more than 40 countries around the globe. In recent years he has been commissioned by government-supported organizations to establish, organize, and direct health programs in Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Greece, and India.

Dr. Clement’s progressive ideas on natural health, coupled with his vast theoretical and practical scientific experience, have earned him a reputation as a leading expert in the advancing field of health.

Dr. Clement has also written numerous books in which he explores the various aspects of health, spirituality and natural healing. His best-selling book, “Living Foods for Optimum Health,” has been acclaimed by Marilyn Diamond, co-author of the book “Fit for Life”, as “an important and eminently readable book for the new era of self-care,” and by Coretta Scott King as a “landmark guide to the essentials of healthy living”.