Elena Georgiadis

Elena Georgiadis was born in Tripoli, Libya, to a Greek father and an Italian mother, where she spent the first years of her life living among many different cultures, languages ​​and religions. The political developments in the region led her and her family, first to London and two years later to Athens, adding a new barrage of experiences.

Along with these came the questions and the search for truth in religions, cultures and life. Her way of thinking was influenced, from a very early age, by the beauty of diversity that she had experienced, leading to the search and understanding of the "why" and "how" of the human soul, the warring religions and spirituality that pervades the Whole.

The reflection on the gap between spirituality and science came quickly. Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku and the emerging theories of quantum physics fascinated her. As she was fascinated by life itself, its beauty and infinite possibilities. Her greatest love is to travel around the world. New experiences, getting to know different people, cultures, flavors, landscapes, monuments, beaches...

She studied at the Athens University of Economics and received her Master's degree from the London School of Economics (LSE) in International Relations. She continued her education at the University of Limeric (Ireland) in the Localisation Research Center, specializing in the adaptation and transfer of knowledge through the internet. She was given the opportunity to work abroad and returning to Greece, successfully joined the business world. Executive director in Greek companies, financial advisor for ING Bank and consultant in reorganization of businesses in listed companies both in Greece and abroad.

Her thirst for knowledge and being of service, encourage her to continue her education and training in scientific fields, but also in the discovery of herself and spirituality. This, combined with the 2nd degree of reiki, led to the development of seminars in change management, helping people in Greek companies to weather the crisis on a personal but also on a business level and to learn how to find their smile and optimism again in to whatever they are doing.

The vast knowledge that is now available around us, based on the linking of mind with soul and science with spirituality, has found its expression through Link∞Media and its vision, and the decision to join forces came naturally.