Eve Konstantine

As a life-long explorer of consciousness, Eve can see that the foundational impulse of Link∞Media is not only very pure, but it is also a vehicle perfectly aligned with my mission of bringing light, health and joy to the planet and all her inhabitants. The founder’s vision and desire for impact is great, yet humble, global as well as local, ‘leaderly’ while democratic and inclusive.

Why is Eve drawn to align with Link∞Media and what might be my value added? In two words: Promise & Time. Promise because that is what Link∞Media means: vision with action towards a new world. Time because Eve’s path has spanned decades.

Eve’s conscious journey actually began during her college years. She came upon an Indian professor, an erudite, scholarly Brahmin priest at the University of Minnesota, a gentleman who eventually became Swami Vedha Bharati. On his own time, he founded the Meditation Center where he taught all the great texts, the tenets of yoga science and philosophy, Sanskrit and introduced those who taught asanas (yoga postures) to the hungry minds of young and old alike. It was her extreme good fortune to study with him on a daily basis for a few years.

In 1973, Eve was sent out to be one of the very first teachers within the broader community - in hospitals, businesses, schools, organizations, etc. She taught asanas, meditation, yoga science and basic Vedantic philosophy of Advaita or Non-Duality. (This is one reason why she doesn’t make a distinction between ‘spiritual’ or ‘non-spiritual,’ because for her, there is nothing that is not of spirit, but perhaps just unaware of so). What she learned during those years formed the bedrock of her view of the Universe.

Later she acquired a Masters Degree in Public Health (MPH) specializing in Health Education. She became certified in various complementary healing modalities, was a co-founder of the Minnesota Waldorf School, led state-wide projects on behalf of women in Minnesota, led a marketing team for one of the first Executive Visioning programs in the country, co-created The Healers’ Guild of Cincinnati, served on numerous boards addressing everything from AIDS to hospice work to theatre/dance groups to eventually becoming the Executive Chairperson of the International Monetary Fund’s Spouse/Partner Association during her 19 years in Washington DC as a member of the community of International Financial Institutions. While there she also volunteered at the White House and cooperated on many educational and humanitarian projects.

Currently she serves on the board of ΝΥ based "The Source of Synergy Foundation", home of the "Evolutionary Leaders" network. In early 2000, she completed Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching program in the McDonough School of Business. She founded her own business and have since been coaching executives and leaders on Wall Street, in the UN Foundation, National Institutes of Health (NIH), World Bank Group, multi-national corporations, et cetera. Most importantly, she has been blessed with two remarkable children, now adults, who have made her heart both burst with pride and joy and break with love or regret for her own errors...but who throughout, continue to be her most beloved and valued teachers and friends.

The breadth and depth of the above experiences have granted her a continually evolving insight into who we are, why we are here and how to best be of service. She would like to put those perspectives to use in helping further the work of Link∞Media - in the many forms and functions it will take.

Eve is honored and delighted to be a part of the Link∞Media team. She looks forward greatly to participating in its unfoldment and its subsequent offerings to all people and our planet.