Fernanda Beccaglia
Social Media Coordinator

Born a mystic and stargazer, always searching for a deeper connection with life above and beyond, Fernanda began her journey at a very young age, as soon as she realized she would feel, see, and sense beyond the common reality.

As a passionate true mystic at heart, her best companions when growing up were Hafiz and Rumi, and the lives of Krishna, St Francis of Assisi, St Teresa of Avila, Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Germain, and Buddha. She’s been always fascinated about the unseen and the unknown. Being sensitive felt more like a burden than a blessing then, so she would spend most of her time looking for ways to channel her energy in uplifting ways such drawing, writing, and painting.

Connecting with the beyond was easier for her than connecting with what was to be found on this side. But the struggle to fit in had her pursue a career in Graphic Design and in Languages and Communications as a language specialist, writer and journalist. She conquered the corporate world in New York, but the more she resisted her call, the sicker she got. So she faced few life dangerous situations and extreme wake-up calls including two near death experiences. Yet it wasn't until a very profound spiritual experience that she got had her live purposefully teaching others how to live their lives to the fullest from Spirit. 

At the same time she keeps a beginners mind at all times. She travels the world to connect and deepen her intimate relationship with her divine Beloved, spending time at different ashrams, teaching and learning and doing seva.  

Life is service, and service is what gives her the most joy. That’s why she teaches yoga and meditation to underserved communities focusing on special needs, indigo children, orphanages, and people with disabilities of all ages. Fernanda also leads holistic workshops and retreats in the United States, Costa Rica, Mexico and soon in Europe and South America. She also designs her own conscious and eco-friendly yoga clothing line to help raise awareness and make a difference with what we wear, and to give back to organizations in need. 

She is also a Reiki Master, an energy healer, a certified Health Educator, a professional raw vegan chef, and a holistic wellness coach. She runs a successful holistic practice where she aims to guide and inspire people to live up to their true potential. Today, she is writing her first book, which she hopes to release next year. She's currently focusing on working closely with kids to empower them from within using the practice of meditation and other mindful practices.   

She believes we are truly blessed to be alive at one of the most amazing moments in history—we have chosen to be here now, and we are the chosen ones—when all that was once hidden is now becoming revealed, including the esoteric truths of mystics from around the world. Humanity is awakening to who we truly are; at once finite and infinite, matter and energy/spirit, human and divine. We are making history. 

Fernanda feels deeply honoured and humbled to have the opportunity to be a contribution to the extraordinary vision and mission of Link∞Media. She is here to serve and be a catalyst of light and divine force that would help the awakening of humanity and the rebirth of the New Earth as One consciousness.