Mari Raidal
Contributing Editor

Mari Raidal spent her childhood climbing trees, roaming the forests and swimming in the rivers of her home country, Estonia. She would spend the nights gazing at the stars wondering where she had really come from and how she had ended up on this little planet called Earth.

Since she was a child she knew she would one day take off on an adventure to discover the many cultures and ways of perceiving life here. When she turned 18 she packed up and left for America, from there she went on to London where she fulfilled one of her dreams and studied interior design. She had always wanted to be an artist and found a great way to express herself through interior design.

While living in America she found herself interested in different religions, for she had not had a religious upbringing as Estonia had been for the longest of time pagan so to speak and religion had not taken root there very strongly. From reading about different religions she found them all to be depicting a beautiful message, Tibetan Buddhism being the closest to her heart, yet she found religion limiting her beliefs of unity and hiding the bigger picture she believed in. And thus she learned meditation and the deep connection to the truth that can not be taught from someone else's words and dogmas.

After 11 years spent in London, setting up her own design company and travelling the world, she landed in Bali among the healers and mystics and decided it was time to reconnect to her roots again, the deeper roots that penetrate the borders of countries and cultures, the deep roots of nature. During her travels she had studied with many great teachers like the Kriya Yoga Meditation teacher Swami Paramahansa Aliyanada who taught her that the greatest book of knowledge was inside of her, neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza who taught her of Quantum Physics and different dimensions, and a Balinese Health Meditation teacher Pak Merta Ada who taught her to feel deep into her body, down to her cells and self heal.

Mari has a deep interest in ancient cultures, wisdom, sacred geometry, ascended civilisations and most of all the endless grace of Mother Earth. She believes that we, the human species, have a sacred task of caring for our fellow habitats here on earth and so environmental issues are very close to her heart as well as the issue of preserving different cultures. She is collaborating with the Green School in Bali and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Mari joined Link∞Media to bring to light the many wonderful ways of living in harmony within ourselves, with our fellow humans, with all animals and nature here on our beautiful Mother Earth.