Maria Eleni Ktistaki

Maria Eleni Ktistaki was born and raised in Athens. She lives in the city center, but since her childhood has had a special relationship with nature. This is due to the fact that she used to spend so much time at her family’s country house at the foot of mount Hymettus, for as far back as she can remember. As a result, she became familiar not only with nature, but also with the cultivation of annual and perennial plants. Over the years, nature became part of herself and eventually led her to pursue relevant studies.

She studied agriculture at the Department of Crop Science of the Agricultural University of Athens. She obtained a degree specialising in Arboriculture - Viticulture and received a scholarship and a performance award in Arboriculture.

Maria Eleni has also attended seminars of Vocational Horticulture conducted by the Institute of Agricultural Science and participated in "The Mental Health and Youth conference", organised by AmKe  IASIS. 

She has interned at the lab of Arboriculture, Agricultural University of Athens, and worked as an Agriculturist in the Region of Eastern Attica, for the Agriculture and Veterinary departments.

Εnvironmentally conscious from a young age, she is a member of HELMEPA in Greece since 2000.

Apart from the physical environment, she has always been fascinated by the secrets of ancient civilizations, the truth about human capabilities and she was looking for answers to questions like: How did we come to Earth? When and why have many ancient civilizations been destroyed? Can we save our planet by learning from past mistakes? How can we change our lives?

Today, she is with Link∞Media. Having a great interest in the new discoveries of science - the “new” knowledge – and with a "new" mind, she is trying to contribute to the remarkable vision of Link∞Media and to the individual and collective awakening.