Panos Anastasakis
Chief Executive Officer

Panos Anastasakis was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He was introduced to the notion of connection between science and spirituality by his parents at an early age. His childhood heroes were Socrates and Hippocrates, Apollo and Achilles, a powerful blend of ancient scientists and mythical heroes who in his childish mind all originated from the same invisible Source of Life.

Following his B.A. in Economics and an MBA in Finance, Panos entered the corporate world and built an international career as a fund manager. During the 20 year span of his corporate career, he initiated numerous international investment projects and coordinated diverse groups of people from different businesses, nationalities and backgrounds.  Panos has also founded various start-ups, most of which achieved great success from the perspective of maximizing shareholders’ value.

In 2008, Panos experienced a major shift in his personal life and embarked on a transformative journey where he discovered the incredible Divine power of our body, mind and spirit, and reconnected to the Source. During this tranformational time, he often travelled to vibrationally uplifting places, such as Tibet and Peru, and crossed paths with higher consciousness people who facilitated the expansion of his awareness. The most influential of all has been his beloved teacher, Dr. David R. Hawkins (1927-2012), who taught him the pathway of Devotional Non-Duality (Advaita).

Panos is fascinated by progressive science. He believes that it holds the key to providing conviction to the western world of the truth of all the teachings of the great Mystics of our past. He is a lifetime student of quantum physics, neuroscience, biology, and naturopathy. He is certified in GDV Bioelectrography by Prof. Konstantin Korotkov of St.Petersburg University in Russia, and is also a certified Health Educator by the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, USA.     

Panos co-founded "Love of Health", an international wellness organization that educates people on how to follow a healthy and happy lifestyle by providing practical tools such as nutrition, exercise, and other holistic health modalities - inspiring them to take charge of their lives.

Panos co-founded Link∞Media with the vision of collective awakening to a conscious and sustainable way of living for the benefit of all sentient beings and our Mother Earth.