Smaragda Nitsopoulou
Digital Content Creator

Smaragda was born and raised in Kavala, Greece, where she spent her childhood years exploring the crystal sea surrounding her city. For her 13th birthday she received an old film camera as a gift from her mother. Since that day, the camera has not left her hands.  Through photography, Smaragda documented her life and came to a deeper understanding of human nature.  She soon discovered cinema and began creating mini film festivals for her friends in her back yard. What began as a child's hobby, quickly evolved into a true passion for arts and humanity, and ultimately led Smaragda to pursue a degree in Film Directing and another one in Film Editing.

Smaragda's studies opened a path to new horizons for her artwork and gave her the opportunity to work in an international setting. Her deep understanding of the laws of optics and physics also beca an important part of her studies. In this understanding, she discovered her passion for science and the environment and realized that she had been incorrectly using the term "spiritual" her entire life. "Spirit" is the essence of the universe, an aspect of humanity that the cinema had been attempting to capture for years.  

After finishing her studies, Smaragda began working for several high-profile TV channels in France and Greece, and quickly jumped into the world of Advertising. For almost 10 years she created corporate content while trying to preserve her own personal expression. As Smaragda progressed with her career, her roles carried greater levels of responsibility and she ultimately reached the position of art director. Her passion for the moving image fueled her body and mind but she felt as though something was missing. The challenging work conditions and exploitive nature of the industry had weakened her spirit. She reflected upon the reasons why she joined this circus. Sadly, she discovered she had not been fulfilling what she thought was her life purpose.

Smaragda had reached a turning point in her life. She was either going to live her life according to her own ethics, or live what was considered a "normal" life by industry standards. At that precise moment in time, she connected with Link∞Media, where she was given the opportunity to further explore her God-given gifts, join a team of like-minded individuals and work towards a cause in which she believed.

Smaragda believes in constant exploration of one’s self, a self that is irrevocably connected to the universe. She joined LinkMedia to help spread the message of Love and Knowledge.