Stavros Chatziavraam
Chief Financial Officer

Stavros Chatziavraam was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Since childhood he was fascinated by the world of science fiction that combined science with imagination and linked ancient mythology to a future of fantasy. Movies and comics carried him to new and miraculous worlds. He was always excited by "alternative" approaches to the wisdom and the secrets of ancient civilizations, as well as the connection of sacred geometry with high energy vibrational places. His love for the unknown can only be compared to his love for the sea. As a young lad, he was always very popular and had many friends. 

Academically, his inherent talent for number crunching led him to pursue studies in finance and accounting. With an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a two-year professional master's degree in Applied Accounting and Auditing (as a CPA - Certified Public Accountant), Stavros has led a successful career over the last two decades. Simultaneously, his continuous involvement with the world of computers has made him an early adapter of all new technologies and the vast world of the internet. 

Being a curious spirit, in 2002 he accepted an offer to enter the real estate sector by assuming the position of Chief Financial Officer in the largest listed company in this sector in Greece. The responsibilities he undertook over the years were significant and the job was demanding. Several years later, as a result of the economic crisis in Greece, he saw that we are in times of great and historical global changes. It was at that critical point that Stavros realized we can change the lens with which we view things and, in doing so, we can change the realities of our lives. 

Always expecting the unexpected, he deeply believes in the potential hidden in each one of us. He believes that the greatest challenge of the human species is the care and preservation of our natural environment. This, he believes, can be achieved through sustainable development and through collective awakening that comes through personal awakening.

As a member of the Link∞Media team, Stavros believes that he can contribute to the development of a knowledge platform that combines new scientific discoveries with ancient knowledge, and can promote change locally and globally.