Lifting Up the Soul of America

Published on 04-11-2016
LIFT UP AMERICA Nov. 5-8, 2016 A Series of Events to Uplift the Consciousness of the United States of America
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Changing the Subconscious Mind

Published on 14-10-2016
How can we change the beliefs of the subconscious mind that do not allow us to...
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Reprogramming our mind

Published on 13-10-2016
Since 95 percent of our behavior is controlled by our subconscious autopilots, not our conscious minds, by definition our lives are physical printouts of...
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Did we cause global warming?

Published on 11-10-2016
The politics of recent years has been on a direct collision course with scientific interpretation and public opinion on the issue of whether or not global warming and the rise in certain greenhouse gases are actually connected.
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October 08 2016

Hippocrates in the 21st Century, A Health - Wellness - Nutrition Conference

Learn how to heal yourself and be full of health and vitality for 100 years or more! 
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Be the Peace

Published on 21-09-2016
Tags: Happiness,  Peace,  Unity
Support the solution instead of attacking the problem!
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We control our genes

Published on 16-09-2016
Α healthy environment leads to healthy cells; a sick environment leads to sick cells. All of my experiments...
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The Greenest School on Earth

Published on 09-09-2016
The Green School campus is immersed in the jungle, providing...
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The Deep Truth of Human Life

Published on 08-09-2016
While scientists are working hard to unlock the mystery of what turns on our genetic code, there is no doubt that our DNA...
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Hippocrates Health Institute

Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Health Institute, is coming to Athens, Greece on 8 & 9 October 2016 to guide us on how we can move from healthcare to self-care.
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We are LinkMedia - Join us

Published on 05-09-2016
We are LinkMedia - Join us! 
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The time is now to WAKE UP!

Published on 26-08-2016
Life is a classroom for all life forms and living beings, not just for a few and it seems that challenges are needed in order to be awakened. The key is to...
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