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Published on 04-05-2015

We Are What We Eat

Published on 25-03-2015
The concept of “what you eat you become” has actually scientific foundation which says: we alter our own gene readout by the food we eat!
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Today is World Water Day!!

Published on 22-03-2015
Water is clearly one of the most important factors for our health and the health of our planet.   
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Dr. Joe Dispenza - Victims No More!

Dr. Joe Dispenza sets the conditions of personal empowerment, so we can all create a new reality for ourselves. We need to get to the edge of our beliefs if we want to experience our transformation.
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Dr. Joe Dispenza ~ Changing our Thoughts, Feelings, Emotional Reactions, and Behaviors

Published on 16-03-2015
"Just by changing our thoughts, feelings, emotional reactions, and behaviors (for example, making healthier lifestyle choices with regard to nutrition and stress level), we send our cells new signals, and they express new proteins without changing the genetic blueprint." 
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The Epitome of Epigenetics

Published on 15-03-2015
Study shows that it only takes 3 months of moving to a healthier lifestyle.
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Dr. Joe Dispenza’s invitation to Greek Progressive Workshop

Published on 09-03-2015
On 22-23-24 May 2015,  Link Media hosts Dr. Joe Dispenza's Progressive Workshop of Personal Development: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Ascending Your Energy: Tune into Your New Destiny. 
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May 22 2015

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Understanding the Power of Your Mind

An experiential workshop on personal development that releases your hidden potential with Dr. Joe Dispenza.
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Dr. Joe Dispenza's book presentation on ELLE Greek edition!

ELLE magazine Greek edition, “Breaks the Habit of Being Itself ” by presenting in its February issue Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book that changes your life!
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Good news for energy and environmental sustainability!

Published on 23-02-2015
Tesla Motors announced the creation of new technology home batteries which can storage and distribute energy for a long time.
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Dr. Bruce Lipton's 60" message

Published on 24-01-2015
We need to learn about love. First, love for ourselves because most people don’t love themselves. This is because we were brought up, being criticised by our parents so we criticise ourselves. So if we start loving ourselves, we can then learn to love others. 
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Dr Joe Dispenza - the Emergence of Community Leadership Model

We live in historic times of human civilisation. The old school paradigms of the established institutions are all collapsing. The political culture, the economic culture, the environmental model, the educational model, the health care model... they are all collapsing from the inside because they are based on a limited consciousness. People want solutions.
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