Are We Victims Of Our Genes?

According to Dr Joe Dispenza, the renowned American neuroscientist, in 95% of the cases we are ΝΟΤ. He states –among other- in his book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”
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Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Published on 15-09-2014
We are not doomed by our genes and hard-wired to be a certain way for the rest of our life. A new science is emerging that empowers all human beings to create the reality they choose. 
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Dr. Joe Dispenza - Creating a Life without Limits!

Dr. Joe Dispenza, internationally renowned speaker and neuroscientist, bestselling author of “Evolve your Brain” and “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself ”, joins Link Μedia in co-creating a new life of infinite abilities and possibilities…a Quantum Life!
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