Power vs Force (In Greek language)

Published on 02-02-2017

The Holographic Universe: an easy way to access it

At one time, elevated states of consciousness were considered to be solely the province of the mystic. At the present time, however, investigation of these states, and the information obtainable from them, is...    
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The Right to be Ηuman

Published on 10-12-2015
By virtue of being born human, we are all endowed by divine higher power with the rights of equality, freedom and pursuit of happiness.
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Published on 24-11-2015
Individual karma is an information package (analogous to a computer chip) that exists within the nonphysical domain of consciousness. It contains the code of stored information that is intrinsic to, and a portion of the spiritual body or soul.
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Dr. David Hawkins - Spirituality Means to Stand up for the Truth

Published on 08-06-2014
Sir David Hawkins (1927-2012), renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, spiritual teacher and mystic, devoted his life to the upliftment of humanity. “Spirituality means to stand up for the Truth. It doesn’t mean to passively lay down and become a victim.” 
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