Let food be thy medicine

Published on 24-02-2017
October 08 2016

Hippocrates in the 21st Century, A Health - Wellness - Nutrition Conference

Learn how to heal yourself and be full of health and vitality for 100 years or more! 
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Mushroom and Leek Quiche

Published on 26-04-2016
Base: Whisk together the flours, coconut oil and salt using a bowl. Stir until mix and adding some...
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Black Rice Salad with Seasonal Leaves and Pine Nuts

Published on 04-04-2016
One serving of black or forbidden rice contains only around 160 calories, but offers a very high amount of flavonoid phytonutrients, a good source of important fiber, substantial mineral content including iron and copper, and even a...
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Tempeh and Vegetables Stir Fry

Published on 29-03-2016
One of the biggest problems that we face nowadays is the lack of time, we “don’t have time to eat, sleep, spend time with our family and friends”, I mean, it is just crazy how disconnect most of us are from nature and consequently from true health! One of the secrets of a healthy lifestyle is...
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Cashew and Vanilla Nut Butter

Published on 24-03-2016
Makes: One Large Jar...
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Anita Moorjani: Crisis as an opportunity for growth

Published on 16-03-2016
Anita Moorjani was healed by stage 4b cancer 10 years ago, after falling into a 30-hour coma where she experienced a ...
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Link Media actively supports the 3rd WELL BEING Festival

Published on 07-06-2015
Link Media actively supports the 3rd WELL BEING Festival that takes place today at Schinias Olympic Rowing Center at Marathon, Greece! Thousands of people are already here to inspire each other towards health and wellness. How fun you want your Sunday to be? 
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BElieve in YOUrself

Published on 12-05-2015
You have heard that before, right?… so why don’t you do it? 
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We Are What We Eat

Published on 25-03-2015
The concept of “what you eat you become” has actually scientific foundation which says: we alter our own gene readout by the food we eat!
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We welcome Dr. Brian Clement in Link Media

Published on 09-05-2014
Dr. Brian Clement, one of the world's leading experts on optimum nutrition and progressive health care, Director of Hippocrates Health Institute and renowned speaker and author of numerous books on health, spirituality and natural healing, unites his efforts with Link Media with the common vision to help people help themselves!
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Dr. Brian Clement on Health & Happiness in the 21st Century

Published on 09-05-2014
Dr. Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Health Institute, offers his insight on why we need to shift from health-care to self-care!
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