Reimagining our Future Based on New Evidence from our Past

Published on 07-04-2016
From the traditions of the Hopi, the Maya, and others, it becomes obvious that when we look to our past through the traditional eyes that appreciate only the last 5,000 years or so of history, it’s like the...
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New Facts of Science

Published on 01-10-2015
H new science, instead describing humans as insignificant creatures, gleaned from a miraculous random chain of biological events, which after 5,000 years of civilization, have become impotent victims, suggests something radically different ...
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The False Assumptions of Science

Published on 24-09-2015
An obsolete paradigm of the universe and our relationship to it was based upon a series of scientific assumptions-false assumptions- that can no longer be taught as fact in  light of new evidence. Examples of these include the...  
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Wellness Manifesto

Published on 15-06-2015
The Wellness Manifesto is a call to action for everyone on earth to declare their participation in a new world: A World of Wellness!
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Deep Truth (in Greek language)

Published on 11-05-2015
When new discoveries challenge the prevailing perceptions, it is time to rethink these perceptions! A new world is emerging before our eyes, while the non-viable parelthonots world now struggles to survive. Both worlds reflecting the views that we had in the past. Both are there-but only for an hour. Which world would you pick?
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