Be the Peace

Published on 21-09-2016
Tags: Happiness,  Peace,  Unity
Support the solution instead of attacking the problem!
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Dr. Joe Dispenza's invitation to World Peace Meditation, 20/09/15

Published on 18-09-2015
Dr. Joe Dispenza invites everybody to join the Global Synchronized Inner-Peace to World Peace Meditation on September 19th, 2015.
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What is peace?

Published on 17-09-2015
What is peace? How can we create peace in our lives? I asked a few of my friends and here’s what they had to say:
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I am Peace

Published on 12-09-2015
Tags: iampeace,  Peace,  Awakening,  Meditation,  Prayer
Please join us September 19th-21st for the World Peace Weekend. Thousands of organizations and communities are hosting gatherings, musical celebrations, collective prayers and meditations around the world.
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Wellness Manifesto

Published on 15-06-2015
The Wellness Manifesto is a call to action for everyone on earth to declare their participation in a new world: A World of Wellness!
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