Power vs Force (In Greek language)

Published on 02-02-2017

We are LinkMedia - Join us

Published on 05-09-2016
We are LinkMedia - Join us! 
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Science and Spirituality: A False Dichotomy?

Published on 29-07-2016
Could it be that science and spirituality are just two sides of the same coin dressed up in different clothes? Maybe they are dissimilar paths up the same mountain, destined to meet at the summit?
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Dr. David Hawkins - Spirituality Means to Stand up for the Truth

Published on 08-06-2014
Sir David Hawkins (1927-2012), renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, spiritual teacher and mystic, devoted his life to the upliftment of humanity. “Spirituality means to stand up for the Truth. It doesn’t mean to passively lay down and become a victim.” 
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