How your body rebuilts itself in less than 365 days

Published on 15-01-2016
You may be convinced by conventional school of thought and certain corporate interests that you are victim of your genes. We have news for you… 
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My near-death experience: Something inconceivable and completly amazing

Published on 14-10-2015
Anita was allowed to return from the chamber of death and report to all of us what life on the other side of this corporeal world looks like - and of even more significance, feels like. ~ Wayne Dyer
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Dr. Joe Dispenza - Victims No More!

Dr. Joe Dispenza sets the conditions of personal empowerment, so we can all create a new reality for ourselves. We need to get to the edge of our beliefs if we want to experience our transformation.
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Dr. David Hawkins - Spirituality Means to Stand up for the Truth

Published on 08-06-2014
Sir David Hawkins (1927-2012), renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, spiritual teacher and mystic, devoted his life to the upliftment of humanity. “Spirituality means to stand up for the Truth. It doesn’t mean to passively lay down and become a victim.” 
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