Rebirthing Breathwork - A tool to boost our life force

Published on 03-11-2015

Rebirthing Breathwork has been described in endless ways, because it is a journey within and the inside of us is as vast and infinite as the outside of us. Each one of us is unique and even though the experience has a definite cycle which everyone experiences… the road to bliss is individual. The yogis and various ancient cultures knew about the breath and used it in their practice, but the knowledge was kept secret only for those who were initiated, the holy ones.

The phenomenon of the breath is that it is deeply healing, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve had people with severe sprains and even a broken leg, walked out of sessions ecstatic with the result; women who were unable to conceive, conceived and experienced a normal, healthy pregnancy through to birth; I’ve seen hundreds of people healed of depression, grief and emotional traumas and thousands changed their life for better through the process. When people access that quantum field of possibilities and connect to infinite intelligence during the session, all sorts of miracles happen.


To me Rebirthing is a breathing practice which becomes a skill and eventually a way of life. It is immortal yoga. This circular breathing technique directly amplifies the amount of life energy flowing through your body causing an intense energetic vibration, which acts like a kind of force, like a river of energy flowing and rushing through you. This river of energy clears out everything which is unlike its divine self, everything that is not life enforcing. As a result, you experience who or what you really are… a light being, full of love, relaxation and clarity. Your body vibrates with this intense healing energy, freeing you of accumulated tension, chronic pains and deep-rooted blockages in your cellular memory.

The divine breath, your life force, literally washes you clean and exposes you to enlightened states in the safest and most holistic and natural way. And all this with YOUR OWN breath. Your breath belongs to you and you should know how to use it. It is the core of every experience and so, why not try it and discover what is at your core?