Gratitude is the best Attitude - a simple 3 step Thanksgiving ritual

Published on 27-11-2015

THANKSGIVING is a powerful collective opportunity to take the time to focus on what you are grateful for and truly give thanks for all the blessings in your life.

Here is a great ritual you can try, that only takes a few moments, but can deepen your relationships, your connection to Source and your relationship with yourself as well. 

You can also use this practice for energy clearing, as what you focus on expands and when you are grateful, you also begin to attract more to be grateful for in your life.

What does it take?

  • A Journal (or any paper and pen to write on or type on your computer is also fine).
  • Allocate 10-15 minutes at least for this practice.
  • Feel free to do this solo, share with others or do it in a group.

In Your Journal:

1. First make a list of AT LEAST 10 things you are grateful for (not people). You can include things like your home, car, career, pets, etc. Each thing on the list, take a moment to feel in your heart a deep sense of appreciation for it and recognize how it helps your life and adds to your levels of happiness.

2. Next make a list of AT LEAST 10 people in your life that you are grateful for and either write why or just meditate about why, after you write each name. When you are doing this, send sincere love and appreciation to each person. People are what make the world go round.

We need each other. It is in sharing, loving, relating, giving and receiving that we are human. Recognize those in your life that are truly deeply and sincerely 'lifers' and then also acknowledge even the ones who may just be in your life for a reason, a season, and those who could be there for a lifetime, as time will reveal all.

3. Finally include a list of AT LEAST 10 experiences you are grateful for. This can include travel, journeys, events, etc. It is through experiences, both posiitve and challenging, that we grow and evolve. Each experience makes up the fabric of our being. Celebrate all the most powerful experiences of 2015 (or beyond) and give yourself a big pat on the back for all the work it took to get to and through and to be where you are right now.

This practice helps you to see the bounty you have in your life and all that you have to be grateful for. When you focus on what you do have that is working, you can start to attract even more blessings to be grateful for. And with this positive energy, you can also start to let go of the things, people and memory of experiences that are not serving you in the highest. This creates space for new possibility to enter your life.

If you have a hard time coming up with 10 in each category, then you should switch to FORGIVENESS practice, for those who you would like to inlcude on the list. Taking time to forgive others frees up energy and space for love and blessings to flow to and through you.

May you feel the love and appreciation deeply and profoundly now and always, as it is with the power of love and gratitude that we can move mountains and manifest your heart's desires collectively and individually.

We are all in this together, connected and united by One Love.