How to Work with the energies of the Moon

Published on 15-12-2016

Every time we have either a New Moon or a Full Moon we have a precious and unique opportunity to work with the energies of the moon.

So here are some quick and easy guidelines to understand how to work with the Moon— for both releasing what not longer serves us (Full Moon) and creating powerful intentions to manifest (New Moon) that which we want and desire to attract into our lives.

The New Moon is the time for new beginnings, and it’s the organic time to “seed” anything you want to grow. So get clear about your intentions so you can take actions on the New Moon to initiate, activate or expand whatever you wish to create in your life. 

About Creating your Intentions

The best time to set your intentions it’s on a New Moon. Yet, you can create your list any other time and re-fuel it on New Moon.

New Moon Intentions are a concrete way of stating what you want in your life. Because Spirit is within you and flows through you, this is the place from which you create.

Creativity is a “Divine download” and creative expression is your unique expression of channeling Spirit. You have the power to manifest your desires and you call in what you focus on, so choose your thoughts wisely!

Some intentions might take time to manifest and others will show up quickly. There are many reasons why this might happen. Either way, enjoy the journey! Relinquish outcome and details to the Universe. You may add “This or something better to the Grace of Mother/Father God and to the highest good of all.

Creating Intentions

  • Create your list on the day of the New Moon if possible
  • Review your list from the previous month and check off anything received
  • Eliminate items that are no longer relevant
  • Place your list on your altar or in a private place
  • Review your list each morning or evening to keep your intentions conscious

How To Create Intentions

  • List at least two and no more than ten intentions, so you don’t dilute the energy
  • Start each intention with the words “I” or “I create”
  • Make intentions present tense (not “I will” as in the future)
  • Only write what you intend to create (you can’t create for someone else)

New Moon Abundance Check

  • On the day of the New Moon write a check to yourself
  • Write your name in the section labeled “Pay to order of”
  • Write “Paid in Full” in the $$ section
  • Write “What I allow myself to receive” in the word amount section
  • Sign the check with the words “Spiritual Law”
  • You may place the check on your altar or put it in a special place (crystal grid, i.e.) to enhance the intention and energy.

For Full Moon Releasing

The Full Moon is perfect to release any karmic cycles, soul wounds, soul group completions, and or any energy you wish to release for yourself. To do that, set your intention in this way:

“I now lovingly release the energy of ______ with the intention of completing all of the healing cycles around this energy, and send it back to Source.” Then write down what you want to replace it with–this is very important to set the new paradigms. (And I can explain why some other time if you want.)

So if you want to release the energy of fear, loneliness, limitation, lack, etc., write down “I now replace the energy of fear with courage“, or whatever you are releasing and replacing it with in your life.

Allow, release, let go and let God. Flow with ease and grace. Trust

“I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I

experience. I set the goals that I achieve. And everything that seems

to happen to me I ask for and receive as I have asked.”  ~ Malikka Chopra