How your body rebuilts itself in less than 365 days

Published on 15-01-2016


A global scientific effort begun in the late 1980s to create a catalog of all the genes present in humans. They called it the “Human Genome Project”. Geneticists were expecting that the human body consists of at least 120,000 genes located within the 23 pairs of human chromosomes. That was based on the assumption that one gene should provide the blueprint for each of the 100,000 different proteins that make up our bodies, plus another 20,000 regulatory genes. 

In 2003, having spent almost 15 years and 3 billion $ in research, the results came out and left the scientific community in shock… the entire human genome consists of fewer than 25,000 genes! That’s only a 1,000 more genes than the primitive “Caenorhabditis” worm.

What a mind-blowing discovery that scientifically validates that we are NOT our genes. By definition, the brain is the organ responsible for controlling and coordinating the physiology and behavior of an organism. On top of that, we know that our bodies literally replace 98% of their 100 trillion cells in one year!

So now that you know the truth of who you really are – nothing less than a miracle in action – will you believe more in yourself and start using the amazing, innate power of your mind and spirit to change limiting belief programs that sabotage your health and your hapiness?

What are you waiting for?