Occupy the present!

Published on 29-10-2015

Did you know how to embrace the quantum model of reality?

Choose a potential reality that you want, live it in your thoughts and feelings, and give thanks ahead of the actual event! Put yourself in the shoes of that future self, that possible you, so vividly that you begin to emotionally condition your body to believe that you are that person Now. When you open your eyes after your meditative session, who do you want to be? What would it feel like to be this ideal self, or to have this desired experience? Can you accept the notion that once you change your internal state, you don't need the external world to provide you with a reason to feel joy, gratitude, appreciation, love or any other elevated emotion? 

The elevated emotions have a higher frequency that will help you move into a state of being where you can feel as though the desired events have actually occurred. If you are in a state of greatness, then the signal you send into the quantum field is that the events have already come to pass. Giving thanks allows you to emotionally condition your body to believe that what is producing your gratitude has already happened. By activating and coordinating your brain, meditation allows you to move from thinking to being—and once you are in a new state of being, you are more prone to act and think equal to who you are being.

When your body experiences that the event is happening in that moment and it feels real to you, based solely on what you’re focused on mentally and are feeling emotionally, then you are experiencing the future Now. The moment you are in that state of being, in that now moment and present in that experience, that’s when you are connected to all possible realities that exist in the quantum field. Remember that if you are in the past or the future, based on your familiar emotions or anticipation of some effect, you don’t have access to all possibilities the quantum field holds. The only way to access the quantum field is by being in the Now.