The time is now to WAKE UP!

Published on 26-08-2016

We live in extra-ordinary, historical and revolutionary times. A revolution that is taking humanity beyond forms and shapes. The revolution of our time is what I call the revolution of Consciousness. For many this doesn’t come without suffering. 

Consciousness, which has been sound asleep under the spell of the identification of the “I” is slowly waking up. There is an increasingly powerful alarming impulse, and the number of people sensitive to the wake up call is getting louder and stronger. So what does exactly mean to ‘wake up’?

The effects of this “impulse” is waking everybody up at one level or another. Everyone I know is being stretched and tested beyond his or her “capacity.” 

Life is a classroom for all life forms and living beings, not just for a few and it seems that challenges are needed in order to be awakened. The key is to see challenges as opportunities and use them properly so they can propel us to a higher and greater state of consciousness. So say yes to all the challenges that come your way, by embracing the present moment, accepting the lessons and blessings instead of complaining about them.

Though the amount of people awakening today is far larger than ever before, many are still unaware of what they are actually experiencing and can’t tangibly define it with words. 

My clients tell me “all they feel is that successes achievable in the world are less and less attractive to them, that there has to be something deeper, more profound and more meaningful in life than successes, failures and material accumulation.” As a consequence, they get exposed or connected to the experience of emptiness and suffering.

According to ancient wisdom, suffering arises through our minds — unconscious thinking or, in other words, the voice in your head comes from not knowing the true nature of reality. For many, the state of suffering is very real as they cannot separate the event from the voice in the head that gives meaning to the event. Can you see then that suffering doesn’t arise from the event itself but the mental commentary surrounding it?

Suffering vs. Reality

In other words, suffering is a mental or human experience (different from pain) and comes from the confusion of reality. We confuse the representation of reality — what we call mind, body, universe, etc. — with reality. Reality is pure being and being pure awareness which is independent from what the senses perceive or what we call the “meaningful contrast” in life (joy, pleasure, suffering, etc.). So when we reach that state of pure being we get to be independent (detached) of situations, circumstances, events, and people. This might seem or sound like a state of indifference but it isn’t. It is actually the only place where you can experience true unconditional love, compassion, joy, presence and equanimity; and it is also the only place where there is freedom and creativity. 

So much of the problems of the world are perpetuated by recycling the pain, suffering and violence that exist, by adding additional pain and problems.  

You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

There is no doubt that life is challenging for every human being but it will be directly related to your level of consciousness.

Often the “solution and help” that society offers comes in the form of consumption and medications to suppress fear (false evidence appearing real) and treat superficial symptoms. But there is only one real way out and that is found in waking up to the present moment, accepting each moment as it is without adding any negative narrative to it which serves no purpose except creating separation, unhappiness and unfulfillment. 

For most people there’s this gap between how things are and how things should be; they live in a constant state of struggle with the present moment, resisting and fighting against it. It is in that gap where suffering arises. 

Waking up: How to practice being in the present moment

The best and most powerful way to practice being in the present moment is to use every moment of our lives to become more conscious. 

For example: whenever something happens, watch the event or situation and the mental chat that emerges from it. Just observe the way it arises and start detaching yourself from the narrative of the mind that gives meaning to the event or situation. Become the observer of your relationship with the present moment. Ask yourself: “Am I creating suffering by continuously disliking, denying or wanting to getaway from the present moment?” “Am I constantly arguing with what is? Is the present moment my enemy? Am I reducing the present moment to a means to an end because I always believe that the next moment will be better than this moment?” And that, all that, again is just thought because ultimately the next moment doesn’t exist, it never comes because you can only experience the present moment. 

Can you see that if your relationship with the present moment is conflictive then the future cannot possibly get any better? 

The secret then for your life getting better is to surrender to the present moment, where you get aligned with the is-ness of things and not longer create suffering and unnecessary conflict. 

Become friends with the present moment no matter what form it takes. 

Realize that there’s no point of arrival in life other than the present moment. So when you think you have arrived somewhere, there will be another challenge or situation we will need to face. Again, to help us to grow, evolve and move onto the next stage and higher level of consciousness. 

There is no destination but the journey itself 

If you think there is a point of arrival other than now, that’s a problem.

By healing your relationship with the present moment you will reach a state of easiness, with no anticipations, no suffering, no regrets and you will be able to experience life in the fullness of its glory.

It is not the external events that cause us distress, but the way in which we think about them, our interpretation of their significance. It is our attitudes and reactions that give us trouble.


Just knowing this and applying it in your daily life could transform your life.

Shifting into being

Remember that most of the voices in your head are not your own but the recycling of collective thought which nowadays gets amplified through the media (and social media) more than ever before. Just don’t take ownership of these voices in your head, become the observer and detach from them. 

One powerful and very simple exercise I give to my clients is that once they become aware of those unconscious thoughts or voices in their heads I ask them to hit the mental “delete” button and say “next”.

If you had the ability to shift into being instead of thinking or even shifting beyond feeling, then you could ask yourself “what do I want?” And by shifting your own level of consciousness you are not only freeing yourself from suffering but helping to alleviate the suffering in the world. 

By now, I am sure you have realized that you can’t get rid of the suffering in the world by removing those who create it. Simply because those who create it are a projection of a thought of separation which causes unconsciousness. 

Ultimately, there is no fix, cure or solution to it but to wake up to consciousness and to your own inner being, and live from your own essence rather than the mind. 

This dream-like universe, or so called life, is a living oracle, an ever unfolding revelation — a reflection of our own consciousness. Once we realize this we discover that we can consciously dream up the universe so as to wake ourselves up.

Remember who you are: A divine being of pure light, a truly empowered human; a spiritual being having an extra-ordinary human experience. Own your mastery.