Wellness Manifesto

Published on 15-06-2015

We have reached a turning point in evolution.


Humanity has finally reached the constraints of a limited planet and rampant consumerism, and self interest are fueling a global crises that will force human society to either breakdown or break through to a new level of being.


Wealth inequality, financial instability, climate change and environmental toxicity now threaten us all. Our air, water, soil, food and bodies have become polluted and an epidemic of lifestyle-related chronic diseases has become the biggest killer on the planet.


Our hearts know a more beautiful world is possible.


While the need for change has never been so great, the tools at our disposal have never been more powerful. We now have the technology to connect everyone on earth with the wealth of human knowledge and can choose to consciously create a wave of wellness that will transform our world.


We are all in this together and the best way to face our current challenges is through a shared vision that calls upon each of us to bring forth our unique gifts and contribute to the whole.


Let us imagine a world of wellness.


A world with clean air, water and soil, where nature and biodiversity flourish.


A world where loving kindness and compassion prevails over fear and self-interest.


A world where we are free to discover and be ourselves and relax, exercise, eat good food and share our feelings.


A world where we can all look, feel, perform and stay well, while healing ourselves, our communities and the planet.


A world at peace…


…where dignity, equity, morality and food sovereignty reign; where everyone has access to seasonal, local, organic, whole food and is supported to reach their full human potential and contribute to an explosion of human creativity and innovation that manifests love in action.


The Wellness Manifesto Declaration:


"I realise all life on earth is interconnected, and my personal growth contributes to the evolution of us all."

"I intend to live life to the fullest, and do the best I can, from where I'm at, with what I've got."

"I commit to reduce, reuse, renew, recycle and rejoice."

"I resolve to manifest wellness in my thoughts, words and deeds, and practice mindfulness, forgiveness, gratitude, friendship, and compassion."

"I vow to fill my life with purpose and meaning through consciously connecting my personal wellbeing with the wellbeing of all life on earth."

"I will be well."




...just as atoms evolved to form cells, and cells combine to form the human mind, humanity can unite and awaken to a global consciousness that connects us all in a web of wellness.


We are the ones. The time is now.

Together, let us realise world wide wellness.



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