Indonesia S.O.S.

Published on 13-11-2015 , by Mari Raidal
The situation in Indonesia remains critical, as millions of people still lack access to food and health services, and the fires that have burned down to ashes more than 2 million hectares of rainforest continue to rage!
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A terrible disaster that calls humanity for unity and action

Published on 30-10-2015 , by Mari Raidal
One of the worst environmental disasters of the 21st century currently takes place in Indonesia. Many are calling it a crime against humanity and this should be front page news!
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Occupy the present!

Can we live the future Now? Can we connect to the quantum field where all possible realities exist and select what's best for us?   
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The Power of the Observer

Published on 26-10-2015 , by Panos Anastasakis
How would your life change if you learned to direct your power as an observer to collapse infinite waves of probability into the reality that you choose?
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My near-death experience: Something inconceivable and completly amazing

Anita was allowed to return from the chamber of death and report to all of us what life on the other side of this corporeal world looks like - and of even more significance, feels like. ~ Wayne Dyer
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New Facts of Science

Published on 01-10-2015 , by Gregg Braden
H new science, instead describing humans as insignificant creatures, gleaned from a miraculous random chain of biological events, which after 5,000 years of civilization, have become impotent victims, suggests something radically different ...
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