How critical emotions can be for the fetus

Published on 28-09-2015 , by Bruce H. Lipton
Recent research has laid to rest the myth that the unborn child is not sophisticated enough to react to anything other than its nutritional environment...
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The False Assumptions of Science

Published on 24-09-2015 , by Gregg Braden
An obsolete paradigm of the universe and our relationship to it was based upon a series of scientific assumptions-false assumptions- that can no longer be taught as fact in  light of new evidence. Examples of these include the...  
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What is peace?

Published on 17-09-2015 , by Maritza Puello
What is peace? How can we create peace in our lives? I asked a few of my friends and here’s what they had to say:
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The Secret of Boosting Your Energy!

Published on 05-09-2015 , by Dr. Joe Dispenza
The idea sounds complicated, however, you’ll find it’s easier than you expected.  
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What can fear teach us?

Published on 31-08-2015 , by Fernanda Beccaglia
Ever since I can remember I would tell myself: "if something scares you, that's your target." So all my life I used fear as my personal GPS—or God's Positioning System. Facing your fears and getting through them is not really the problem. I believe anyone can easily get through any of their fears, yet that's not the point here.
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Global Synchronised Meditation & Prayer for Greece

Published on 01-07-2015
A Global Synchronized Meditation & Prayer for Greece is organized by Link∞Media for Thursday, July 2, 2015 at 11pm Athens (9pm CET – 4pm EST – 1pm PST), with the help and support of Unify, Uplift  and other international organisations, renowned biologist Bruce Lipton and many other evolutionary scientists, as well as artists such as Deva Premal & Miten.
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