The time is now to WAKE UP!

Published on 26-08-2016
Life is a classroom for all life forms and living beings, not just for a few and it seems that challenges are needed in order to be awakened. The key is to...
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Occupy the present!

Can we live the future Now? Can we connect to the quantum field where all possible realities exist and select what's best for us?   
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Dying To Be Me (In Greek language)

In Dying To Be Me, Anita Moorjani freely shares all she has learned about the illness, healing, fear, "being love" and the true magnificence of each and every human being!
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What can fear teach us?

Published on 31-08-2015
Ever since I can remember I would tell myself: "if something scares you, that's your target." So all my life I used fear as my personal GPS—or God's Positioning System. Facing your fears and getting through them is not really the problem. I believe anyone can easily get through any of their fears, yet that's not the point here.
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Link Media actively supports the 3rd WELL BEING Festival

Published on 07-06-2015
Link Media actively supports the 3rd WELL BEING Festival that takes place today at Schinias Olympic Rowing Center at Marathon, Greece! Thousands of people are already here to inspire each other towards health and wellness. How fun you want your Sunday to be? 
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BElieve in YOUrself

Published on 12-05-2015
You have heard that before, right?… so why don’t you do it? 
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Wonderful Tip!

Published on 04-05-2015