Dr. Joe Dispenza’s New Invitation to Progressive Workshop in Athens, Greece

Published on 05-05-2015
On 22-23-24 May 2015, Link Media hosts Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Progressive Workshop: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - Ascending Your Energy and Tune into Your New Destiny.
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Dr. Joe Dispenza ~ Changing our Thoughts, Feelings, Emotional Reactions, and Behaviors

Published on 16-03-2015
"Just by changing our thoughts, feelings, emotional reactions, and behaviors (for example, making healthier lifestyle choices with regard to nutrition and stress level), we send our cells new signals, and they express new proteins without changing the genetic blueprint." 
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Dr. Joe Dispenza’s invitation to Greek Progressive Workshop

Published on 09-03-2015
On 22-23-24 May 2015,  Link Media hosts Dr. Joe Dispenza's Progressive Workshop of Personal Development: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Ascending Your Energy: Tune into Your New Destiny. 
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